Are you ready for this upgrade?


How many tokens and SM credit do you have?

I still don’t think I have enough. In my new account (approximately three to four months old) I only have 2800 tokens and 6.5 million SM credit.


IMHO the question of SM credit is the BIGGEST misunderstanding of the upcoming patch. I think that accumulating some crazy SHITLOAD of coins (like 400 million, as some users claim) is possible only through some in-game bug exploit, which IMMEDIATELY puts the majority of playerbase at a disadvantage. And the fact that after the update we will be able to cash this DOUGH for SOME PREMIUM BOXES means that EXPLOITERS GET A HEAD START FROM DAY 1 OF THE PATCH LAUNCH. GREAT JOB, TACTICSOFT, REALLY WELL DONE!!!:tada:
P.S. After 3 years of playing SM I currently have like 7 million of SM credits…


U refer to SM coins?

I don´t keep any of that, just make 40,000, I open item box for fusion. I have a few mythical items full 15 opening blue boxes. I take a mythical that is no good and take it to the max (I achieve it in less than 10 days) and when I need upgrade to a new build, I sacrifice and obtain it.

I have not kept coins…


In 3 or 4 months? Have u spent money on this?


Nope, did not…


20 char limit


He must be grinding all day lol


I have 400 Million, It was no exploit they made the economy of credits higher, by multplying how many credits you had before.


Yeah, they multiplied your credits by 5.

That’s how 50k became 133 million.
That’s how 4 million became 408 million.
That’s how 20 million became 436 million.


Why am I suspicious? I got those tokens through campaign, daily quest, and supersonic.


When? Supersonic doesn’t work at all, it only says “You have received 0 tokens today” or something… :confused:


Was working a more than a month ago. I save my tokens. I’m not a spender like most. I know how to save. I don’t just spend when I have enough for Gold Box. Yep, I know it hasn’t been working. I try it everyday.


current scenario 100T=1,000,000 stay lvl 3 where mix box cost just 1500. i get 2 to 6 myth in just 100T everytime (avg 2 myth). Hope it wont happen after update.


i got over five hundred thousand sm credits in little under a day last week


I can get 1 million SM credit in one hour by just doing easy mode in overlords den.


i asked @Sarah247 about updates.


Hi Wep,
This is the crux of the matter. You are absolutely right about this, and I guess all veteran players used the useless SM coins to spam-buy boxes and use them for fusion. In this way I bet all of us have shitty coin balance, and as a result we end up with fully fused but useless old mythicals, but some newbies and rookies who did not have a clue and saved up zillions for no reason now will be bosses… DAMN IT!!


So you are still more or less 399 500 000 short as compared to @Fang456… See the scale of the problem??? And some maths:
399 500 000 / 500 000 = 799
So if you grind as much as 0,5 million a day, it will take you exactly 799 days to grind 400 million. Rings the bell?? This is more than 2,5 years of playing every day… Sure, no exploits involved… And if we say that I want to grind even heavier, say 1 million a day, this is still 400 days, so it means playing SM everyday for 1 year and 2 months. Good luck…


400,000,000 ÷ 1 mili if assume box cost, than also he will get 400 premium box. as per current rate 160×400=64,000T.


Thanks for your support @Kill4Free in maths. I hope this shows what we are going to face in the upcoming patch, guys… Don’t you think that this idea is out of this world?