Are you looking for an active clan?


I bring to you, Mech Corp. (Mech Corporation was taken unfurtunately)

So I’ve been playing a little while now and I’ve kinda ended up jumping from clan to clan because I’m finding that the majority of players don’t really play. It’s understabdable, peoples interests are ever shifting. Unfortunately for those of us with competitive natures or addictive personality traits, or both, it can be frustrating to find yourself in a clan where there is little to zero communication and hardly any participation. So I felt the best thing I could do about this was to take charge of my own destiny, make a clan where activeness and good communication is at the forefront.

Mech Corp is an open clan, there is no rank level to join, its open to everyone, all that I want in exchange for entry is players who are active and interested in growing.

I’ve also setup a group on Line messenger (go download it from the play store) as I’ve used this app in the past in games and found it really useful for group games. You can add readily accessible notes and such to the group so members won’t need to search the forum all the time for answers.

I’d also be glad to have onboard any experienced players who would like to help out a new generation of mech pilots with their knowledge and wisdom. I’m not suggesting you leave your clans but you would always be welcome to join our Line group.

Hope to see some of you soon!

Edit: Would be helpful if I gave you the Line details. My name on Line is lowkee84 (non cap specific) and the group is mech corp.


Nah I ok :b


I’ll join the clan can you reply to me with the name of the clan written perfectly because the search function is very picky.

Never mind found the picture on Flex tread.



And so it begins!




I’m currently in a clan of my own but I could abandon it I suppose…


Could be a good move for you.


My 2 accounts are in their own clan but I can abandon it for this clan.

Let’s go. :slight_smile:


Alright as long as you can keep them active.


Actually, only 1 will be going.

I can’t handle 3 Accounts at the moment lol

The other account, will be destroyed. More details at this forums.



20 characters


Actually nevermind I fixed the problem lmao

You can take both. :slight_smile:


Shamelessly bumping my own clan thread. You know, for my clan, Mech Corp. It has 5 members now.


Hey mate just say it when you’re ready.

But I have work, so laters.


I’m ready. The clan is also open so feel through to waddle on in.


Aight, enabling the first account in a minute or two, finishing a campaign boi.


Had fun!


Go to english now, I’ll go there.


Or go to clans, search and type “Mech Corp” :wink:

I’ll be a few, battling stuffz