Are you going to add armory level's?And Difrence about non and armory


As far as i know…the armory level’s are great…they look like this.

The thing is right? Everyone does NOT have that.
Soo i have it on my sec acc…and it was great!.
Now too bad that i lost it…my 3th and 4th acc does not have it.
Now if armory level DOES exist. Then when is going to be realised?
That was a question for dev’s.


So about armory level’s…if you dont have them…_You are not probably lucky._The armory levels ask you to get better level’s rank’s and other stuff…like you can see on the picture(i unclocked them all)Without armory…you will get random item’s.
Soo in here…you can see pic’s…stat’s.And other’s…And that’s helpfull.Because for newbies,THEY will learn about stat’s and other.Soo armory has 6 slot’s…1 is about physical…2 is about electrical…3 is about heat.They are prety full epic.You might see some of them are myth and legy…4…5…6 are same as 1,2,3 BUT they are MAXED MYTH. Pretty much it for slot’s

That’s all…hope you all have a good day.





Ah that is just for formus…
Im about sm.

why would you want that in game?

It only shows the stats for level 1.

COUGH (im sick too)
They are usefull to me.
Soo in case that i can learn item’s and stuff.
(yes you can see stat’s in the battle but meh)

I have that on my 3rd account.

It could possibly show stats for maxed items. If you’ve maxed said item, which again makes this useless still for max mythed stats.

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