Are you an adult or a child?

He always asked me “how many adults in the forum and how many children in the froum?” so I take the task of finding out (even though I know most will say “I’m anonymous”)

  • I am an adult
  • I am a kid
  • I am an anonymous with the ability to be able to hide my identity perfectly in such a way that my names are false

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@Ricemech88 I know you’re a better troll, I put you in anonymous :v

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I’m going to go ahead and assume anyone selecting anonymous is a child who doesn’t want people to know it.


I only saw that you were responding and I thought “I’m afraid of what I’m going to say !!” xD

I forgot that people always think that

I’m both; no matter how old you get you will always have that inner 9/yo within who wants to put rockets on supercars or design a vehicle that is kilometers in size like they’ve just watched an entire series of Thunderbirds at once.


Eh? xD

I thought that this survey was to open the eyes to the debs that there are minors playing this game, so they understand that everyone can not buy tokens

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Or maybe a teenager who has a forum name of an expression and a strange profile pic

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If we talk about strange profile photos you stay with the first place :tada::confetti_ball:image

Kaen does look like a child tbh

(Yes I’ve seen his face plastered through old af posts to say this).


Well, look at what vote

still respect in what he chose :smiley:

That’s why I said that lmao


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I saw this and chose anonymous

i’m a man-child!
jk :rofl:

That makes no sense :confused:

you got that translated? whoa
what i meant was

but for some reason it’s translated into Spanish…

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Since I forgot to put Teen in the survey Child contractor as an adolescent and child

How poethic.

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Where’s the option for a teenager? :frowning: (I’m 15)


I assume that means I should pick child.