Are we having another major update


My topic says it all
I haven’t noticed any major updates after :
Better maintenance
Daily boost reminder

So are we having another update soon?
I heard about one two weeks after last update never saw it though
Because I saw lots of cool suggestions and would like to see them
And are we having any event and make it regular like once every 3months to attract many players at a certain time ,because now would be a good time as it’s summer
I know e4 event was a disaster but don’t call it a fail and get discouraged
We learnt and will not repeat those mistakes it was a trail right?
We could have another vote for something like that
Or on a smaller scale we can have a 2 tick world with 30 men alliance.Teams can be changed like normal and everything is normal except leader needs 30 acheivments to create team .
It will attract a lot of players as 2 ticker so fair speed.we can have a rule for having 10 noobs compulsory .people can always make new acc to get over this rule but then again it’s the community role to help in things like this .max ticks can be 1500


There’s one ready, just need to test it etc in a nice period.

Patience mate, it’s an old game, things aren’t clear cut anymore and we don’t have a dedicated dev team anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

The next one will be a bit exciting. Wait a couple of weeks and you’ll see. :slight_smile:

Very much so!

We recently hired a new admin mainly to help with events. There’s a few things down the pipeline.

And even with E4… A lot of people did enjoy it, and a lot of people do want to try it again. So we’ll be trying elements of it into different events.

Yes – there was bitter in E4, a lot of it, some of it went very wrong. However, also a lot of people had a lot of fun. We included many players into the community who usually aren’t… So it’s less of a disaster as a “could have been so much better”. I really hope we can work the elements of it into good events without the bitter parts. :slight_smile:


So, will the event be announced here? Cause I’m into dota2 now, not much time for BD but if there is an even I would like to comeback, to atleast join in.

E4 had some regrettable yet funny moments. Enjoyed it tho :joy:


Naturally. :slight_smile:


You dudes better have a big update soon Alex.

I’m getting bored.