Are We Dying Again?


Is The Forum Dying Again,I see a lot of people just viewing or not even bothering like before,The activity of the first day isnt here anymore although it’s still good,i feel like it will die again :disappointed:


Then keep posting interesting things :slight_smile: but of course the 1st day will be more active than normal. That is too be expected ^^ its up to us, the community, to keep things interesting around here.


Malice hit it right on the head. The forum is only as active as each of us want it to be. Adding thoughtful content or doing our best to discuss rounds will help.


Have to say, if everytime there’s a quiet day we’ll wonder if it’s dying: I can confirm, it will die then! :smiley:

Chill out, it’s fine =) The forum is more active today, yesterday and consistently before than the old one was even in its heyday.

I know your intention is right, but this kind of talk over nothing is exactly what does kill a community.


Im dying inside unless some Dogelord gives me tokens


No Fair , I want my share too. :frowning:


What is dead may never die.



Are you kidding? Everytime I check this forum there are a bunch of new posts, by many different people posting. Feels to me there’s more happening on here every single day.


Yeah This one has regular posts. The old forum wasn’t used by much people recently. It was only the old once who used to check it on a regular basis and they also left eventually since there weren’t any posts there.
BD is again improving and it will :slight_smile:


Im still here. Working on the forum. When i die is when the forum might actually appear to be dying. Until then there will be topics galore and enough likes to go around. 2 new forum games will be appearing very soon. Working on one and waiting for e1 to restart for the other :slight_smile:


A forum cant be run just by introducing games and stuff, we also need members to run the forum.
I totally appreciate your efforts and I think its our moral responsibility to keep introducing forum to new players whom we come across the game and also divert new players towards AANC.


Well most of what you say is true. We do need to continually introduce new members to the community forum, however keeping the current members engaged with “games and stuff” is what will entice others to join and stay.