Are these the new weapons or are they legacy?


I was in ladder battles and ran into this:

Edit: Yep they’re legacies (thanks to W.P.O.T.W for pointing that out)
I kinda suspect that the phys one (bottom image) might be Metal Shredder (But then Metal Shredder had an orange barrel, not a grayish-brown barrel)


These are legacy and yes these were op af


for some reason i think those sprites will be reused for some random weapon.


Probably for the titan or a re-balanced reloaded version of it and not copy the old one which was…

devastating for medium combat.


They will because the textures got changed, also killin leaked that


i am exitment fro thos new waepon.


Legacy, they just changed the model…


These legacies are too op.




beware the legacies


They are Legacy items,but they got their texture slightly changed.That means that there’s a good chance these are going to be reborn in Reloaded.


Some legacies is even stronger than epic.



First I looked into your inventory thinking guy got mistaken there is no legacy and a second later …oops my bad😅


They look dead,abandoned,lonely feel sad for them…


what do they dooooooooooooooooo
what do they dooooooooooooooooo


crap, I forgot to delete this one




I think you can say these weapons are legacy, and new