Are these mechs good?

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No. .-. 20c20c20c20c20c20c


First one is absolutely useless.
The second one is obnoxiously pointless.
The third is just unnecessarily weak and full of range gaps.Like every other mech,actually.


Wow, @L4K3 posted everything I would. He beat me to it…


Gotta agree with L4K3 here. All three fit into the ‘that looks interesting’ category… but they’re nowhere near the ‘this could work’ category.

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first one is to low heat second is more half of weapons are pointless cause of the claw and the 4 malice beams when you have 2 turns and third one is low hp and is pointless with ok heat

they are even more pointless than circles

First one (Heat)
Your weakness will be yourself because you can overheat yourself straightly and it has another weakness it is when your enemy is close to you, so you cannot use your weapons, except for the clash drone. And claw dosent even have knockback. Try using recoilers so your corrupt lights will have in range.
Second one (Energy)
Its main weakness is if the enemy is close to you especially on the L.Scope and if you ran out of teleporters. Why not just V.Snipers?
Third one (Physical)
Your main weakness will be energy break because majority of your weapons needs energy including the Strong ones and even your drone tonto.

I’ll make this simple enough.

  • Heat Mech - No. You need Range 1 weapon to support the Claw… And bad stats for heat mech that has 2 Heat Bombs.

  • Energy Mech - Well… Uhhh… No, but it might work in lower Ranks. Keyword is might

  • Physical Mech - Kinda, for lower ranks. Lacks Range 2 weapons, and for pros, lacks resistance.

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