Are these any good?


Are any of these 2 items worth upgrading / good ?


Dustmaker no, stay with Void.

Abomination is quite good for a damage based heat mech.




Abomination is really strong and perhaps the most important item for making a successful heat mech.


Agree. Very hard weapon to get. Abomination is whats up.



Abomination is good just wish it wasn’t so heavy.
Here is max specs


But the dustmaker is a good hybrid drone and it does more dmg than void ( so far i know ).


Do you have the max dustmaker stats?


I think they got posted somewhere else. They’re similar to Void, maybe a little better, but it’s much worse because it lacks -resistance.


Mine is only lv 30 but the dustmaker decreases the regen and cooling from your opponent too.


…which is useless on a physical mech.


what i said… a good hybrid drone


Unfortunately hybrids don’t work in this iteration of the game, especially physical/energy hybrids.