Are these 2 modules good?

Magically grabbed both of them from a fortune box with 2 legendaries being these 2 , are these worth to keep or should i fuse them to make mythicals

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They’re good against corrupted light/malice beam abusers. It’s better than ending up with a 50 heat/energy cap

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I didn’t even know those ones had legendary and mythical counterparts. Yet more items better considered non-existent.

These two only provide energy/ heat limit

Energy = Good
Heat = Passable, good for conserving weight

I’d keep both personally.

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I would say keep them ^^

When used correctly with the right torso the heat one is very good . The energy one passes until you get an engine to transform

In my personal opinion both items are great! They are leg-myth, rare like shit, weigh 22 kg and give you what, 125 heat/energy? In one module? I take both of them, instantly!

The only drawback is that they provide no cool or energy regeneration.

That’s not a drawback if you’ve got max mythed mass boosters/cooling boosters, saves on weight overall compared to engines. So it has it usefulness, just need to know how to use it.

I have the energy one on my energy mech , 139 energy at myth max. worth it

The heat module would be best equipped on a Zarkares. The energy best equipped on a reaper or naga something with existing high energy cap.

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Best used with a non-energy build

I actually used on an energy build and it worked well. Saved space for more energy modules :slight_smile:

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You might want to change those bc I could overheat you in 2 turns~
Heat Engine and Energy Engines are better for me tbh~!

They arent that good, they weight less then heat/energy engines by 3 kg.
They provide no cooldown/regen.
They provide 50 ish more heat/energy cap only once, but the heat/energy engines provide a cooldown/regen evry turn/shutdown.
They could be usefull in some way, but i find them more then a niche item.
Mixing them up and paired with cooldown/regen boosters, they fall short in an overall stats.
Ex: 2 energy capsules + 2 regen boosters, provide 300 energy cap and 126 regen, with a total weight of 64.
4 energy engines , provide 356 energy cap with 168 regen. For 100 weight…
They are only worth on high weight wepon loadouts, usualy shotgun loadouts, dessolation loadouts.

That’s what I said ! Engines are better but he was asking from a use for them now. El metre is correct and so is oneeeee chaaaaaan…