Are there two modes in the game campaign?

Hi ,

I am new here and I tried to play once and I get this Tactical map in campaign where I move the mech and choose which mech to fight first.

and I tried another account and it sent me into the battle directly waves after waves without the option to choose which mech to fight first or which bonus item to use , they were all Automatic .

is there a way to choose which mode I play in ?

Also some times the boxes give 3 cards each in some player (my brother account allways gives him 3 cards per silver box . While my account only gives me one card only per silver box …

any ideas how and why ? is there more than one server and each server has different rules ?

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maybe u had auto-pilot on?

I dunno bout the boxes

Silver Box has a small small chance of getting 2 items mostly you will get 3 items.

You can choose from automatic [Auto-Pilot] and manual

There are 2 campaign maps
First One is 1v1
Second one is 2v2

Really??..hmm…maybe I am unlucky…I always get 2 cards and rarely get 3 cards

Don’t know and always get 3 items and rarely 2

I think there are many servers each with their own rules.

My account I only get one card from silver boxes.

My brother account gets three cards …

as for the battles , it is not the auto pilot . it is how you battle the mechs.

one mode , a tactical map comes where you move your mech and destroy buildings and collect repair items and you choose which mech you fight first.

and the other mode (my brother account) there is no tactical map at all , you enter the level and the fight starts and you fight all the mechs in the level in one long battle , and the repair items come random inside the battle itself between waves and not on the map where you click on them . and there is no destroy buildings in his game account at all , does not exist.

I have experienced both styles
It went to the wave after wave style for about a week straight and then back to normal (with the buildings) afterwards
I think they sometimes do a test server thing as I’ve only seen the wave format recently

This is very interesting, I have never heard of this before. Can you perhaps post a video of the campaign in your brothers account, as your campaign seems to be the normal one.
This may be another new account playtest.

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okay ,

Here is the Tactical Mode (same level both movies)

and here is the Wave Mode (same Level)

I find the wave mode much much harder because you dont choose which to fight first and when to use the consumables.

But at the same time , The wave mode gives you more cards if you open any box being silver or in campaign mode.