Are there alternate ways to defeat the final boss ,other than heating


i did beat the final boss in normal mode.
nothing different from the usual combo’s that every one used to beat him.

but , when i was done with him, i was still in full health(595) thanks to repair kits and repair drone

the weapons included lava spray. meltdown hammer,inferno mark ii,cooker(197 energy,145 heat,about 100 regeneration and 89 cooling + the boosting kits taht boost these stats,energy shield)

tactic was to back up to the leftmost point of the battle field, forcing them to come close to me.

but the point is , it is really boring
i sit in a corner heating ,slashing, heating slashing on and on and when i ran out of 'number of uses’
i used stomp and cooker(a small weapon with 30 heat and 25-35 damage,may nobody even notice it),
no action at all
if anybody knows of any other action packed way please let me know
and if the developers are reading this, please modify the game with some weapons to kill the boss in a not so ‘boring way’


well, you can try to defeat campaing enemies with other ways. I heard physical mechs often can deal enough damage very fast, even if no bullets/rockets are used on mech.

however, no matter what you are using… the point of campaing is not fun; its obtaining power. You complete campaing to get tokens and bonus boxes; you grind campaing to loot credits (aka golden coins) and sometimes items, and you use that to either get new myphicals or upgrade old ones. If it is boring, well, grinding never was intended to be very fun and interesting, it is here to allow you to get stronger.

Real point of SuperMechs is online battles with live opponents, and you are free to prepare to it in way you like - be it grinding campaing or only getting daily bonuses for half a year. Of course, things that would make singleplayer part more interesting (specially made bonus bosses, new challenges aside of “deal alot of damage - kill invis mech - kill dumbmode”) would be appreciated, but game wil survive some time without it.


No there isnt.


Buy tokens , its as simple as that :smile:

( Bad jokes intended , i know its easy saying than doing )