Are Power Bottoms good?

it only goes up to legendary…so no

i should not then thanks

how about grave digger i got a lot of them

well…they have good damage but terrible HP…I wouldn’t use them…use them to transform or fuse them away

ok thanks but why do the developers make sucky items

I dunno…at least not all of them are terrible… like the flaming scope and the zarkares

like the valient rage and grave diggers and the repulcer i dont really think the devlopers really dont look at the new weapons that people make

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Repulsor is useful, Vandal* rage is commonly used and is starting to be appreciated, and it’s not long before a new mech combo is made with the Grave diggers that benifit from it’s unique 2 push

i hate the repulsor heat mechs i want a really good physical weapon

If an item doesnt go up to mythical , its trash.

Well there are some exceptions , epic plates and others

Only for energy mechs and SOME heat

like the kraken torso

Grave Diggers are useful if you have long range weapons.

No, Kraken torso is still bad.

Kraken actually has the best stats for a legendary item , a bit better than the legendary zarkares.

If it had a myth form everyone would go around with kraken


oh well people told me to stop useing it