Are people still playing earth arena?


At the App Store, it hasn’t been updated in like 2 years.




I’m gonna go try it out now.


i believe they are putting together a draft era that starts on jan 20th @BaBaBaBaBane would know


Invite link to Earth arena Line chat


About battledawn, when I logged in with my SM account, the username was supposed to be Flurry, but instead, it was Toyota Narwhal for some reason.


Do you just get wiped out if you get defeated or you stay?


@Alexander can help sort you out with that one, as you don’t get wiped when defeated


u are a bit confused here i think , earth arena and are diffrent games with similar themes .

Eartharena doesnt require u to put id or password its an app u click and login while on battledawn u need username and password


I meant the username for Battle Dawn not EA.