Are my weapons good? Vote!


dont forget the one at the bottem

  • Like it
  • Don’t like it means it’s trash

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I think you shoud first and foremost change the torso… It’s not one of the Supermechs Preferred torso


Ok got then with what


What type of mech are you?..Heat, Energy, or Physical?..hybrid mechs are not good


Mostly physical mech


you should change the torso to a Windigo, Zarkares, Avenger or brutality


I got the windigo torso


Since It is a physical mech, I reckon using avengers or Zarkares if you have them (a lot of people will say to use Zarkares) otherwise if you don’t have them just leave as is because it would be a waste to spend fuse materials

Yeah or windigo but I personally think it’s ugly looking No offence Windigo


Can you please show me the stats of your mech?


I don’t really like it either it looks weird


Ok got it will do the are good


Well I think the Windigo torso looks fine


Here look


Oh man…you seriously need more energy and cooling/regeneration


Yah I am working on it


A hidden Annihilation :scream::scream::scream: Sneaky


Your HP is fine for now, for weapons use a nightfall with you current weapons and night eagle or just be an energy free mech and have 2 annihilations


It is f##king crazy it’s my best tactic with 130-200 damage


Ok that’s a great tactic


My annihilation is maxed and it is a ver good weapon because it always does 200+ HP damage unless I am very unlucky