Are electric mechs worth building

is ultra bright good? and what are the main items i need before i start to make a electric mech like the basic stuff i need for a decent mech

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Bunker shell x 2
Valiant x 2
Ash Creator x1
Face shocker and you good


I would keep that…I got one of those before but was stupid and used it as myth food…

Keep It

Lightning supporters are e-m tho

but they are good aren’t they?

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Yep, they are

Ok so i dont really have any l-m electric items so will a energy mech be worth making

If you have more energy itmes that you can create a mech of then yes

I have 2 last words i have enough hysterias and for my torso i have a grim reaper i am lucky to have face shocker also

Try it then, good luck :slight_smile:

Ok i will try using it but as a second mech

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what face shocker @L4K3 told me to use snack


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for basic energy i’d say:
1 valiant
1 malice
1 last words
1 bunker shell
face shoker

but if you want more basic i’d say:
1 hysteria (not recommended when your in a high rank)
1 malice
1/2 last words
face shoker

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Top energy’s build ( my experience)

  1. no pic (
    2 ash creator
    1 last words
    2 valiant
    sparked runner/claw

pro: can deal a lot of dmg and don’t stuck at range 1
con: stuck at range 3 when face the edge

1 bulldog
2 bunker
1/2 valiant
face shocker
pro: can deal a lot of dmg
con: can’t drain a lot of energy when at close range

  1. (my build)
    1 bunker
    1 last words
    1 ash creator
    2 valiant
    face shocker/windforge

pro: can drain a lot of energy with out stuck (except 1 range)
con: stuck at 1 range


Yeah,for a more stable build…
I don’t remember the discussion but I am certain I didn’t tell you to use it,but pointed out both drones’ points and how they would behave on different builds…

Energy mechs can be good but they are hard to build becuase of the rarity of the items.

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Thanks for the advice if im lucky to get some l m elec items i will build the mech