Are dynamic stompers good on an energy mech



i saw few mechs with those but i really don t know,they have poor hp


I guess they’re ok to use but you’ll be suffering from a lower HP. Couldn’t you use Charged Walkers or something?


dynamic stompers,sparked runers


Use sparked runners or lightning supporters
Sparked runners is a L - M rolling energy leg. Really useful, same with lightning supporters.


Don’t Really Recommend Dynamic Stompers
Use Sparked Runners For The Best Results
If you don’t have sparked runners use Lightning supporters


thanks you all when i get them i will use them


Lightning supporters are the best non-premium energy legs.


Everyone is saying Lightning Supporters are best…Well looks like I’m going to another thing to add to my to do list.


Indeed,LS are the best electric boots atm,tho I use Charged Walker (because of the weight) and they’re still behaving pretty good.


Cool … right now I’m maxing out some Dynamic Stompers!

I’ll put these legs on my phys mech. They are lightweight, so they allow me (making some changes) to place another HP plate on my phys, which will increase some HP points.

Some say … but how are you going to put energy legs on a phys mech? Well … I don´t seek to make dmg with my legs. I use them almost exclusively to move and regulate HP .


i’d say use them if you need less weight, they are good for damage and less weight but if you dont, you shouldn’t