Are drops better now?


I was wondering, since I just got 2 epics out of a single mix box, and earlier this morning, I got an epic out of 2 mix boxes, and a day before that, I got an epic out of another mix box, all of which were my daily rewards. And before THAT, I got my first legendary in a crate. Sounds suspicious.


it’s not suspicious it’s just that you’re very lucky it’s like I got a legendary epica (10 minutes ago)


Here is the proof:


you can teach what legendary you got


I got a legendary torment drone and out of the epics I got another windigo, an annihilation, dynamic stompers, and a mass cooling booster (hurray!).


I always get 1-4 epics daily


I said you would send images but well I still feel that nerfearon a little boxes because I got a legendary and some epics today something very strange


How? Premium boxes or mix boxes? And does it have to do with rank? Since I ranked up to 12.


I dunno @Chicken_Drink


of everything that can be obtained in legendary today I got the same module …


That hurts… btw, how much resistance?


lol…that’s funny
I got the Maximum Protector and the UltraHot Protector a few weeks back


MIGHTY PROTECTOR----------(28), 59 Resist Physical


Thats… a lot… so it weighs 28?


what I want a magma blast after that maybe I put it together with some physical round legs something I got a few “weeks ago”


How does one get so many legendaries? Teach me your ways, master…


I want a Magma Blast as well…for my heat mech


if it weighs 29 and in legendary without improvements it has 29 protection


I got 3+ legendries from Fortune Boxes this year, I don’t know how…maybe it’s just luck


How does one get so many fortune boxes? Because from my knowledge, fortune boxes are rare. And it’s rare to get legends from them. And it’s even more rare for said legend to be legend-myth.