Are bullet modules even real anymore?


When I first started, I would occasionally get just a bullet module. No rockets, just bullets. But now, no matter how many module boxes I open, I can only find bullet/rocket hybrid modules and rocket ones. I know there are mythical bullet mods but I’m starting to sincerely doubt if there are level 30 ones. I have opened so many boxes, gotten dozens of hybrid modules, and not one bullet module. Anybody else have this issue?


is not an issue, is just bad luck…

On lvl 30 you can get: 40,45,50,55 and 60 bullets item, the same of rockets plus one of 35…
and of course the myths of 65,70 and 80 versions…

so keep trying on module chest, will be up soon…( i spend around 10 millions between mixed and modules to get 1 single 40 bullets item)


Same… U just got bad luck…:smirk:


you just got a bad luck, i already have 2 myth bullet module(mega bullet storage) just by opening mix item boxes