Are AI Able to spawn crystals?


Are AI able to spawn crystals? And if not, Do you think it should be implemented?


yea i support idea Sronger AI spawn crystal!


So far, they can’t. I think they should be able to, yes.


Can anyone explain to me what is AI and tell me about the update with regards to it, please?



They can’t largely because I don’t overly want to flood the world with crystals in a way we can’t really control. Instead, I am thinking we should have more garrisons with crystals.

Crystals should, I think, be a way for an admin to reward difficult/competitive era, while AIs just make any era more fun (I hope :stuck_out_tongue:).

If there’s a strong desire i’ll definitely reconsider though!

Colonies that place on the world for you to conquer, that are not in fact players. :slight_smile:


Hey @George
As @Alexander said, They are basically colonies with no player controlling them and exist just for you to conquer :slight_smile: