April fools pranks


this thread is made to document april fools pranks that you have witnessed today. please dont go off topic or post rubbish


Cheat Engine


Path of Exile

the game is kinda Diablo 3 style. but for april fools they changed to a battle royale mode. they renamed to PATH OF EXILE: ROYALE


and when you play the game they actually added a battle royale type mode. im hoping they actually leave it tho. fun as all heck


War Thunder made an update where you can build your own tanks/planes


the thing is tho, it takes like 500+ parts (halves of a part, more like. you dont get full parts) so you gotta play over 100 matches. in the short time of 3 days. L O L


and World of Warships… they are just weird

people thought it was a joke when they added anime to the game. they were serious. so im not sure whether to fall for this or not.

March 22. they built up to this. this makes it seem less like a April Fools joke and more like an actual update.

Pew pew pew!


I started typing messages to people on snapchat right after midnight and then didnt send the message so they just got the type notification.



glad i don’t have you on snapchat. gottem


SM released their token mining april fools prank a bit too early.


no words.



too bad it’s just a prank.


haha very funny robtop.
nice prank.
best weekly demon in gd.


It’s spring break, so I couldn’t. RIP me


Don’t forget about silent thunder!
(yes i play that game)


The submarine thing? I hope they leave that. But then again their helicopter update from a previous April Fools was lovely as well.


It was cornhub last year lmao


for the soccer fans, I saw pages on FB saying man city got a 12 point penalty because it was found a couple of their players were doping. Had a lot of happy people in the comments, gottem


Well…i just hope everyone will learn how controlls of sumbarine is alitle hard.


lol and hotball1 beat it again