Apple says apps must now disclose odds for loot boxes




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You better break that addiction before you get sent to rehab…


Also, I revived this so hopefully TS would show the percentage of the boxes!


Interesting to read. See how many of these guidelines are met on the game.


Firstly, sorry to revive the topic.
Searching for some information about L-M items, I stumbled on this topic.

My account seems to have some weird drop rates for L-M items. I have a few L-M modules, top weapons, side weapons and drones, nothing weird here.
I seem to get an aweful lot of duplicate torsos and legs: 7xArchi (2 fused away already), 5xMPV, 8xClaw, 4xRolling Beasts.
These 4 items seems to be dropping all the time for me, and almost make up half of the total L-M’s I have.

Out of all the L-M’s you could get, it seems extremely unlikely to get this many duplicates of 4 specific ones.
As it has been speculated that every account could have different ‘lucky’ L-M drops (L-M’s that you get more frequently), it would be nice to actually see TS announce drop rates.

I know it’s probably never going to happen, but the link Wepwawet provided clearly states the following:
“Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

Given that Super Mechs is on the App Store, I wonder how TS managed to get the game past the App Store review process by not abiding to the above mentioned guideline.


As mentioned before by me in another topics, different accounts have “different lucks” on specific items.


This kinda sux, I hate the biasing.
TS probably added their app before Apple’s ToS change.


Doesn’t works like that lol, I made this forum account before they made new rules, doesn’t means the new rules do not apply to me


It’s different, Apple probably never looked at SM after SM was available for iOS.


It’s not different lol that’s not how terms of service works chad.


SM was never taken off the App Store because Apple didn’t monitor SM. If SM was added to the App Store now, it would’ve never gotten in.


Sure that’s definitely the only ever possible reason. damn apple.


We still don’t want SM to be taken down though…


Lol… you buy tokens, not buy boxes…! Tokens purchase is correct.

Done the law, done the snare…


Agree with that, i once met someone that has 4 Reckonings, and in the top ranks you’ll find a lot of player that has like 3, 4, 5, or even 6, Magma Blasts. Meanwhile here, i got a lot of Energy Mass Boosters.


The first 2 weeks after the update it was easy to get good articles. I got 3 Magma and 1 Reckoning during those days and some other very good items, that even out of ignorance, I fused it.

Now it´s very difficult.

Drops were better on the first months and there were even portals like the Unicorn that gave many good legendary.

After … bufff … everything evaporated …