Anyone know How the Arena Points work?


Ever since I came back, I been curious of how the Arena Points is Math out.
Is the Arena Points math out fair.

There are players that don’t battle at all and have more AP than I do. I’m doing maybe 30 a week, yet they don’t do any and are either a lower rank or the same. Explain this math to me please.

Here is my example


I have a 7 day account, doesn’t seem to give me more. I clicked it by accident on my damn phone. fk that. XD



Don’t see any info on Arena Points


50% more arena coins, it gives more coins than the usual…


I’m not posting about “COINS” here. I’m posting about “Points.” Big Difference


Ah that, its a porcentage thing, but i think it would be better if it was a certain amount… It works on your mech setup and increase by the porcentage by 20%, the max value of some buffs… But i think its fair, yes…


Serious, you think this is fair


Do you know what arena coins even are?


arena points are just the arena stars u earn when u win battles. u can always get an extra point when you have a winning streak, or extra points when you get to rank 1 full stars and keep winning.

some people have different amounts of points at the beginning of the week too, so theres that


Arena points are how many stars you have in total from rank 25


OP talks from Arena POINTS (at ranking), not Coins for the Arena Shop :exclamation:

He also do not talk about the Arena Shop Upgrades :exclamation:


Arena Points …

every end of season / tournament the Points (and Rank) are reseted to a lower level)

  • until you are a Black Skull rank :

1 Point for a win, - 1 Point for a loss

  • after you reached Black Skull Rank :

It goes up to +12 (or something like that, never watch for maximum) and -16 for a loss, depending on your own Points and which opponent you beat or you lose to :exclamation:

I tried my best to explain, I hope it is understandable :exclamation:



Thanks @bestplayerintheworld


Lmao, you are giving him incorrect information.

That triggered me.


Sorry guys, misunderstood really bad @JamAnime12 @bestplayerintheworld @Winz_Kay @dankmementos


Apology gladly accepted. :smile:

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The person with 45 wins had more loses than the person above


The arena point system is just as clear as drop rates…


Gey 1 point for a win,get 2 points when you have a win streak (with an extra star) and lose 1 point for a loss.
That means:
-It doesn’t mater how many battles you do.The wins matter.To get an increased sum of points you have to win more battles than you lose.
-You and that guy have the same arena points deapite the difference in the number of wins because either he had a higher rank before the season reset or he was in a win streak.
-Yes,it is completely fair.


True up to black skull. Then its faked up.


Can’t relate.