Anyone here play forza horizon 3/4?

Im just curious if anyone here plays either one of these two. because when i get internet for my xbox id like to play with yall.
Gamertag is MCG 567 YT


I play aajajajaj

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I wish I could play it. But I can’t so I stick with asphalt 8. When 9 came out, my ipad wasn’t compatible with the game, possibly because it is not a recent enough version. So I still stick with asphalt 8, although I am retired.

imma revive this here for 2 reasons.

  1. I am getting wifi soon
  2. i sold horizon 3

so i wanna know if anyone here plays horizon 4

I used to play asphalt 6-7 then played 8 for a bit now I don’t play any anymore (yeah I know that u said this a log time ago…)