Anyone have extra Mythicals they just don't use?

So I have an extra Mythical drone (Snack), and there really is no use in it for me anymore. Could we install a “breakdown” feature similar to an upgrade, but where it breaks down higher-ranked items into items 1-rank below it?

For example - take any mythic. My max drone would be split apart into a legendary Snack and four other random legendaries. (Note - there has to be some cost for this, so maybe remove one legendary from the split, the rest are just random legendaries. There could also be a fixed gold cost to do this as well.)

Legendaries would follow - split - bam - three random epics, one epic the same as the item split.
Epics - 3 rares.
Rares- 2 commons.

Anybody on board?


I like the splitting mythicals into 5 legendaries GOOD idea. @TheDestroyer306

I like that idea. That’s actually a good way to get legendary-mythical items.

Yeah, I thought that it might allow more access to legendary items for F2P players.

I would support the idea.
But I believe a more plausible rate would be:
1 mythical --> 3 legendaries
1 legendary --> 3 epics

And for epics downwards it would cost some coins while giving the same amount of items as it took to upgrade the item.

However there should not be any random equipment as that fact could be abused in an attempt to get new equipment by breaking down equipment.
Instead it should all become one rather useless weapon of that rarity.
For example the newly introduced Repulser as that weapon is completely useless as epic, legendary and mythical version cause the main effect is the knockback effect which does not change with its rarity while the cost to fire it increases.

But the most troublesome hurdle to overtake is none other that Tacticsoft because with that system players would not need to farm that frantically for legendary items as before and therefore the income of Tacticsoft would decrease.
I assume that is also the reason why that system does not exist in the first place.
Tacticsoft most likely has also thought about such a system when devising the upgrade system but decided against it in favor of their own profit as any company would.


Good idea. Never going to happen tho.


Devs created idea n feature section to keep lads busy but they never lookin this threads.


i like the idea actually would like me a way to take the upgrade power of some items
x example i have an hysteria that wont gonna use anymore and its at lvl 40 i would love to take its power back to use it on other weapon and then use my hysteria for evolution
but actually all that upgrade power and gold used just lost if i use it to evolve
would be good at least have a downgrade section that could give u the half of power used on that item

I still think that splitting into random items could add an interest dynamic into the game though. The cost to “downgrade” the item would have to be at least 250k coins in order to do so. @Sarah247 NOTICE ME PLS.

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250k by downgrade a lvl 40 leg to lvl 1 leg?
what would be the point on downgrade then? would be cheaper just lose the power xD

You have a chance of getting good legendaries like the hp plates, bunker shell, valiant sniper and much more.

buena idea o tambien podria ser una tienda de legendarios por miticos y escojemos legendarios al azar como dijistes o? cambiar mitico viejo por uno nuevo por tokens por ejemplo el god mode por un mitico por ejemplo el supreme cannon mitico por 10 tokens

oh x ur idea yeah it worth the price then
i though u were answering my just downgrade option


I know this is a dead thread, but good idea
How about, since this won’t be added cause devs dont want to give too much legendaries, it gives you only 2 random myths