Anyone got a clan?

The title says it all. I’m rank 15 in the arena.err, i guess is useless to make a clan if you won’t have any members so i guess is better to join one.

Our clan is currently accepting rank 8 and below but L4K3 said hed be happy to accept forum members, as long as you will help out with the wins. Our clan is called Bound to Black, wait and see if we get an open spot

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Join me, yeet, L4K3, Seanchoi, YGGM, Pleasurebot 3000, soylent, and all them other forum members I can’t be bothered writing sorry in Bound To Black

Hey @Skiller-Legendary you can join our clan bound to black

L4K3 said he’s accepting forum members,but I think you need to wait until one leaves the clan or he kicks one member,we are currently full

we are currently in the top 50 mark

Top 20*

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i got a clan talk to ledgend robots clan

I’m rank 15 in the arena. Almost 14.

Do you want me to ask L4K3?

Would be nice from you.

Uuuhhhh, no. What makes you think that?

This made me LoL, it has been weird to look at this exchange of words. No hard feelings :joy:

No problem. (20 chara

@yeet can ask for you

I’ll just ask him myself.

Honestly, wed ont care to much, as you are a forum buddy