Any tips on swapping equipment?


How do you guys work with getting new equipment for a new mech setup?

Do you use it immediately - even though it is a weaker level than your previous equipment?


Do you put your current setup on hold, power up the new item and use it when it gets to almost the same level or the same level as your old equipment?

Personally, I really want to go with the 2nd option, but sometimes the urge to use the new equipment even if it is still at legendary level can be high. (even though you are swapping it with a maxed mythical or something).

Frankly, swapping equipment can be a game-changer. But it can be frustrating to have to power it up and realize that in the end, you can’t really use it or something.

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Sometimes I use the wiki to see a new item stats at its max level and compare it with the current one. Then I just work really hard to level up the new item if it’s good

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Personally I refuse to play with anything that’s not at a satisfactory level (for me: read Maxed), I just use whatever current mech I have until I have upgraded the planned item to a satisfactory level.

Use the ones that are best

Thanks for the tips @Zarkares, @Fluxeon, @W.P.O.T.W

I totally agree, however, this rule does not apply to swapping a physical mech for an energy one. Currently I do way better with an electrician than my dual annihilation 2500 HP monster. Energy free physicals just melt away against energy…