Any tips on farming?

Hey everyone!
I’m a F2P player and I’m struggling to get better items in the game right now. Are there any tips for farming out campaigns for coins or something? (Plus, it’d be really nice to find an easy way to farm epics.)

Plus - should I transform all of my old items, and if I do, are the legacy items still on my mech transformed as well?

Farm the strongest boss you can beat without using tokens and keep striding to get stronger.

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I can’t believe this happened but I was farming BigBoy and I got the legendary armor out of the chest from it

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Yep they gave bigboy a chance to drop legendaries again. even before when he dropped epics and legendaries you could get “premium” items from him.

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So am I the only one who hasn’t got a single epic from BB after the update?!? Even after 15-20 Runs all i get is Rares and commons :confused:

Big Boy just don’t like you…
Give him a cookie first…

Your first goal would be to finish missions on normal until you reach the last boss
(you can skip bonus missions if you want to, only missions placed on the road path are necessary to complete to unlock the others),
Then become strong enough to beat the last mission without relying on your chances of getting alot of repair kits.
Then you can commence farming that last mission on normal :D.
At the moment there is no clear indication, proof or official statement of better drops at higher difficulties.