Any tip for energy mech?


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Im Fixed @Angello


well get rid of the protector, get another epic/ if incredible lucky legendary hp module, let go of the legacy regen module, and put another heat engine.
For modules, replace the legacy with either new modules, once you upgrade them they surpass the legacy by around 50%.
Let go of one of the side wepons, and put another last words. Also look for a histeria(electric top wepon), or grim cobra.
And start upgrading evrything, torso first, then legs, then wepons, and last the modules.
Take them all to mythical, and start having fun.
It is a decent base on wich you can build.
If you need more help, ask away.


It is a balanced mech. The new modules weigh so much less than the old ones so when you can replace the old ones do so as soon as possible . Your mech has limited range. Try to obtain a grim cobra for a pull back and drop the side weapon you have. Keep it as balanced as possible and try to have weapons, specials for any situation.


Grim cobra has 3-6 range…about the same as malice and ultrabright… so with it you have the same limited range.
Hysteria, valiant sniper, spinefall have 4-8 range, those are the ones that extend your mechs range.


A push pull energy mech is quite effective . Everyone wants a valiant sniper but they are much harder to acquire than a grim cobra . We all have preferences as to what we want so I was offering him an achievable goal of acquisition . Valiant snipers aren’t falling off the shelves but grim Cobras are. I do agree that snipers are most effective to stay out of phys range but they are so hard to come by.


Really? I thought they were free giveaways at Walmart…
Valiant is OP… there is nothing like it in the whole game.
Yeah push and pull builds work very well, but only in the 2-6 range.
I can only give you this suggestion, use whatever makes you feel confortable, of you like the 2-6 range combo, push-pull is the way to go.If you like a wider coverege of the battlefield, employ Hysteria, or spinefall or if you find one on sale at Walmart a Valiant OP Sniper.


Sniper is op but can be overcome. A great defense against it is…grim cobra


Thanks, this is my progress for now
I need to upgrade heat engine
I destroyed Hysteria to transform my legs 4 days ago
Wich weapon is the Cobra?


I won that box


It’s a balanced mech overall,but I think cooling is more important than max heat.