Any suggestions for my mech


I am rank 9 right now and was wondering what i should do to make my mech better


Pretty good module setup; only suggestion I have is replacing the Backbreaker with a Nightfall. Possibly also dropping a Night Eagle for another Nightfall. But its looking pretty good if you ask me.


remove santa hat
it’s not easter anymore


thanks i have been waiting for a night fall/ 2nd annihilation to put in place of the backbreaker but it hasn’t come yet.

thanks for the input


i know its stupid will do


Just like you have to make it better every few days. (no offense, just saying)


Well, i am phys and then i hit ranks 10-9 my build became less efficient, so i had to come up with new setups, i found flaws in my decisions and in the end came up with setup i am happy with


I am working on my heat mech right now but it pretty bad.