Any suggestion to my Heat Mech and Energy Mech?


Hello Guys just need your suggestion to make my mechs good for 2v2 Arena?
and i’ve been searching for Abomination or the Heat Shotgun i don’t know what is called and
looking for Abomination and i failed to find one it’s Freakin RARE… so yeah just need your suggetions.


Nice mechs dude :+1:

Ok first off the Heat Mech :

Nice HP
Good energy, but should be 4 Energy Engines(?).
Decent heat, should be 2 Heat Engines by the way.
Good choice of weapons.
But please, fill in the extra 91 Weight, it’s making my eye twitch, better put in some Desolation.

For Energy Mech, I am expert off :

From glancing at the torso, legs and modules, it should end up at 1300-1500 HP, which is not that bad.
From glancing at the Heat modules, it’s very good for a pure energy.
From glancing at the Energy modules, that will give the lowest of energies.
Good choice of weapons.

This, I can recreate, it should look something like this : Note : I don’t have Sparked Runners


As you can see, it had gorgeous Cooling, but the lowest of Energy.
Also the Rolling Beasts are supposed to be the equivalent of Sparked Runners, just add the HP by 44, and you’ll get a grand total of 1619 HP, which is actually very good.

For energies, the most common Module setups are these :


In this setup, you’ll get ALOT of Energy and Regeneration, and Decent Heat Capacity and Cooling, but easily destroyed by physicals due to the low HP.

This is all I can give for the Modules setup since I’m too lazy, but I hope this would help!

@Winz_Kay help out this due with his Energy and Heat mech will ya?


Heat mech:
Remove both the regen booster and cooling booster and replace with engines - one heat and one energy (more energy since your weapons all use energy)

Then with your leftover weight, which should come at…71 kgs left… add a Heat Bomb.

Energy mech:
Remove boosters again and replace both with energy engines. Then get a Zarkares torso and change the torso.
Remove a malice beam and Grim cobra and get an EMP instead. This should leave you with…around enough space for a Hysteria.
Try to get a Faceshocker on it, if no space, then remove either a hook or charge but keep at least one of either.


Here’s a like for ya’ Winz! Thanks! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


I don’t like lazy people asking for full on beginning mechs but I did it for you :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Lol, but actually I’m not lazy, I’m tired.


I wasn’t calling you lazy lol

I was calling anyone, who doessn’t already have a mech, asking for one - lazy.


Oh. Ok then, but seriously I’m very fookin’ tired I’ll leave now


Lol, my build.


OMG thank you for your Advice @cyanine you just help a Beginner thank you so much for you Advice.


Thank you Good Sir i must take your Advice.


No problem :wink:


nice builds dude

for heat:
i think you have a good hp and mech all by itself… tho i think that dawnblaze limits your strength because it has a low res drain… also the dmg is ok
tbh i think that the best set up for heat is the explosive king, so basically Deso, Supreme, Abo (once you get it) and maybe keep the dawnblaze
besides that it looks great!

for energy:
i think that this mech would be somewhat successful but you would have a problem in covering ranges 7-8. instead i’d say change the top weapon for hysteria or add a hysteria… the stats seem great counting that it’s an energy
maybe if you want this to be able to counter phy you should take out the top weapon and add another last words… and maybe also add a hysteria for ranges 4-8
this would keep phy away and have control over all ranges