Any suggestion for my weak azz second mech

So I decided to make my second mech a a huge damaging heater. So… here is the mech. Though not sure how to make it better for one, because the stats are trash and… yeah. Just trash.
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So ye. It is a definite “ewwwww” for the mech. Its trash as hell. The Energy Regen is 90, but cool down and heat capacity is good. Though all modules are rare - common.
Here is the Stats and Modules btw.
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Soo ture…
Even wepon’s does not match as well.

maybe get a vandal rage instead of the phy canon, keep the side heat weapon (dont know name) or change for CL… do you have an abomination? if so equip it instead of the repulsor

That’s a good start ^^

Work on weapons (max them in their tiers) then upgrade those modules ^^

I have vandal rage… but I have to use Mighty Cannon so I can atleast beat the second mech…

true… but im not sure that this is a good heat build with that weapon there… just saying

Yeah I know. Im going to replace it once it gets better. Im going with the Rocket King build.

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maybe change it for desolation!

Vandal Rage is a weapon made for Egg-boilers…

Mighty Hammer Oups, I meant Cannon ^^, even being a phys weapon, still packs quite a punch…

Corrupt Light is also a weapon designed for Egg-boilers…DawnBlaze is good where it is ^^

which one is dawn blaze?
(and i know that vandal and CL are for boilers)

Dawn Blaze is that long heat cannon on the side

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oh, the heat counterpart of ultrabright!

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Yeah, It does a lot of damage for a heat

i wish i got one, instead i have… ultrabright :sob: