Any suggestion for my mech?


The BEST item in supermechs

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Looks pretty solid. I was gonna say you might have some trouble with heat/energy, but considering you have 2 Annihilations, it wouldn’t necessarily be better to swap HP plates out.


throw out interzeptor

as I did :sunglasses:

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maybe a better torso

A better torso only fits if you let go of that legacy shield, amd you should(your heat cap and your cooling suffer if you activate it), and it is useless against heaters.
Interceptor works great, if : pack alot of wepons, or heavy modules(hp plates and protectors)
2 . You have myth plates and protector.
You need both to succesfuly use Interceptor.

1 OR 2
because all at once will not fit.
besides a small nuance - it is necessary to have these myths and resources for their upgrade

modest heat and power, low HP

only a small weight. but slots are still not enough to compensate for the other shortcomings.
After the nerf - level legendary.
No benefits.
And mass refusal of players from use - another proof, only a few use cases.


What is your ladder rank ? I have phy mech n i always lose against energy mechs

rank 3

Well, this is my mech. ( I don’t have any good physical mid-range weapons ) . I have the feeling that physical mechs are underpowered against heaters and drainers because a lot of physical weapons generate a lot of heat and consume energy.
Could anyone help me too?