Any strategies to become more powerful?

I absolutely have no idea how to progress and become stronger. Do I have to upgrade everything I have to their max level, or should I use a particular set of items? (Sorry, I’m a noob)

upgrade items is not the answer if you only do on weak items…

try making one continued damage mech, mean get items of the same type and have 2 attacks per range:

this is my lovely bunny 2.0, as you can see is not necesary has the 6 weapons on.
strategy is like a push-controler.

  • stomp x2
  • Pull and knock for 2-6 range ( 2 attacks on 2-5 always)
  • the legs make you dont need grap or charge, so one teleport is more than enough.

this works for me because i have practice with, making pvp and farming on campaing, so you need pick which typie of mech you want, make one startegy with and practice.

dont fall in this mistakes:

  1. have 6 weapons of diferent type (pys heat and energy) to have options and diferent damage.
    this only make your mech weak vs all.
  2. get uses on items to make heat.
    this only works on high heat like 50 or 65 flamethrower legendary and miths.
  3. hybrids…
    if you dont know how use one single type of mech, what make you think than work with 2 types is more easy than one?
  4. make your own mech with your own strategy and dont copy mech from others.
    this is helpfull, because if you copy the mech of someone else, you will die loot of times, because you dont know how use it, how avoid the enemy or how attack. so make your own mech let you know every weapon and his potential.

go on the ladder rankings and look at the replays of top players. Selecting the right builds and item combos, coupled with solid strategy will make more of a difference currently than upgrading your items to max - at least until you reached the Top 10.

(Edit) of course, having access to top tier items is a question of time, luck and money but at this stage I would try and and get an idea of what works and what doesn’t from the thousands of replays available.

Your credit card and your skill of copying people’s mech is the only way to victory

( Jokes intended )


You can take elevator or stairs


I recommend just waiting for Mid-August for the new “economy update”, then decide whether you want to play the game or not by then.


Before I start this comment, “R” stands for Range.

Don’t listen to Fluxeon’s pessimism, it’ll hurt you. :frowning: Anyways, when I started this game, I just put whatever the hell things with high damage. (Didn’t get me anywhere, but it was fun. Nonetheless, don’t do it.)

The game is very easy to learn. Just learn these basics. Numbers aren’t important (having a lot of weapons), it’s how they work together. Less is more. As long as the weapons you’re using covers all the ranges, you’re good. (But make sure the used items attains the needed relevance for the concept of your mech)

So there are three build types in this game:

  1. Physical (Deals as much damage as possible)
  2. Heat (Stops people from doing their turns)
  3. Energy - If you fought people with the blue stuff and deals like 140 damage, and as a newbie, it’s quite scary. The mechanic behind this is simple. You see, the main goal of an energy mech is to drain your energy and deal massive damage. How do they get the “additional damage”? So let’s say “Lightning Axe” does -50 energy damage and has a base of 60 damage. Enemy A hit you with the Axe and you have 0 damage. Missing energy damage converts into raw damage. So Enemy A does 50+60=110 damage.

As you can see from Namy’s post, that’s a good example of “Covering all your range”.

The black thing you see on the bottom left is a “Firewall”. Its R is R1-3. Anything that can reach R1 with a knockback is staple in anything that doesn’t use rocket launchers (in other words, mechs that don’t use bullets and rockets. That said however, I’ve seen mechs that uses ammo that are combined with "a weapon that can reach R1 and has knockback). Best choices are “Saurus Rifle” and “Firewall”.

As pointed earlier, copying of mechs are bad because you still don’t know how they work (assuming you already have “The Meta” items at this early). But trust me, simple observation and at least a week of experience can help you get the builds easily. As I’ve said earlier, this is an easy-to-learn strategy game.

Though if you still need more tips, you can always ask us SM Community (Except Fluxeon)! :slight_smile:


In this game, ( especially in the higher leagues ) in making mechs, there is litte to no creativity because players would either try their best to copy a meta or to create some hybrids of some mechs. I remember building this mech:

then after some time I already saw some players copied my mech but added some twists like my Heat Eruptor with Sector Eyes.

This is the main problem of the game


@Namy @Bluz Holy moly, that was a lot to take in :confounded: but thanks a lot! :grin::thumbsup:

SM is no more a strategy game…

Basically the strategy is simple. You have 3 types of mechs to chose from. Physical, Heat, and Energy. Pick one type and farm for the best items of that type. You have to already know what you are going for. You will spend lots of money when you don’t follow your strategy. Stick with one type of mech. If you want to go Physical, then that means all your items on your mech MUST be Physical to get the maximum effectiveness of your mech. Same for Heat and Energy. The torso, legs, top, and side weapons MUST match. And all items have to be the best of each Mech type. And when you get the best of the best, that is when you fuse your items to max level.

As far as playing campaign, I know some people won’t agree, but your mech has to be good enough to be able to get to the final boss and beat him. Other wise you won’t stand a chance in PVP. The campaign is good for practice. Getting to recognize the weapons of your enemy and the range your enemy must be in to use those weapons. When you get good then you can predict your enemies moves and carefully calculate yours.

At some point you will lose in PVP for various reasons. Inexperience, Not enough Hit points, Lack of cooling and regeneration. Or simply put you are simply not powerful enough. With that being said at some point you will spend money. What I recommend is wait for the one-time offers. The devs usually sell a token/gold/special box package deal for a certain amount of money. If you gonna spend money, that is the smartest way to do it. Always wait for the deals and special offers. No matter how bad you want to level up. Wait for the deals.

lol I guess this topic was dead but thanks.

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