Any reason to come back?


As you didn’t already know, I quit this game early January.

Should I come back? Has the game significantly improved, or even improved at all?

The only thing initially keeping me from stopping was the community and all meh leggys. Anywho, let me know if I should un-uninstall the game.


P.S. You guys should go outside, it’s nice out here


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depends on what kind of doctor u r


Eh… That’s how I feel…


Gynecologist 20 chars


I take offense at that as I am a proctologist


I think you should come back then as I think it’s preferrable to look at Bots instead of Butts :smiley:

Seriously though, I think they are doing better now than they were a few months ago… the Clan Wars update also looks particularly promising…


LMAO… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


But as a gynecologist, you would look at Bits and in that case, stay where you are :wink:


“any” reason to come back? :joy::ok_hand:
pay more money to get more trash item :ok_hand:
waste your life time to keep farming on bigboy??
got kidney disease by keep getting more salt form useless item and stupid update —> (paint/color) :joy:
##We should go outside? where should we go? we should go to Weko’s Taco shop? :joy_cat::ok_hand:


Any reasons to come back?

How about:

If you want to


Winzy the point here is I don’t know if I want to. I want to if the game has improved enough to entice me back


Well, we can’t answer that for you

We have different feelings and yearning for the game

I don’t know your goals and what you want out of the game


So since you’re here asking, it sounds like you kind of want to


Then come back and see for yourself if you want to stay or not.


yes i have had a lot. the wind is amazing
the sun is warm.


yes this is one of the accepted kinds


Any reasons to come back?



You wouldn’t be there if you didn’t wanted, that’s common sense


Clan wars incoming !!!


You can come back …
And watch all my latest Supermech Videos
ENJOY :rofl:
(The game has improved with many updates and various items. I would say the community is less toxic)