Any one want to join the level 100 clan

i dont know why but legendary mech kicked me so i need people rank 15 or lower

aww lmao

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he pissed me off when i saw that he kicked me

i would join but im a clan leader… from a clan that stayed after the update… they’d be lost without me… specially my brother-

then how good is you clan can i join

you can, there are a bunch of noobs… and like 2 guys around my rank… im planning on kicking some, but not yet

ok now but i wont be battleing yet because still working on a second mech

i know, it’s ok, you can stay as long as you want… i just hope the guys get better so i dont have to kick everyone

ok so meet you in the chat

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hey where are you i need help

sorry, game loading (20 c

oh ok i can wait got scared for a moment

lol, game is slow but steady

ok got it ready when you say so

im there, lol
said “IM HERE”