Any news on the Item Limit?

We only have a week left on the item limit…

So… Is there any news/update as to what will be done with the item limit?

Will it be increased? Will the cost to buy additional space be reduced? Will it (the limit) be permanently removed?

Frankly, the game without the limit is fun for me. Not only do I have 6 build mechs, I also have extra parts which I can use for fun battles/tests or extra parts for potential builds.

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are your mechs good?

My main mech gets me in rank 2, and bottom rank 1.

I am mainly concerned with building my main mech. My second mech used to be a campaign mech, until my main could deal enough damage so a heat mech is not needed. My 3rd mech is just for fun.

Mech slots 4 and 5 is for storage (including my old legacy mech) and mech slot 6 got destroyed when the first lockdown hit.

Not all my mechs are good. Only my main one is.

It would not be very fun for me if I only have one mech. I sometimes make builds for the fun/challenge. I’d sometimes head to global have fun with battles. It feels nice to see an experimental build work.

yes i did that i tried to make a common only mech and see how far i could go, can i see a picture of your mechs.
here is my good one

Ok… it’s not much…

Not much strong, waiting for sale n hope to get few more good stuff.
I believe devs are confuse with item limit. They may expand inventory space.

I hope you are right… having only one mech is not much fun. :slight_smile:

I agree especially when 6 bots equipped takes 132 pieces which is 22 over the limit so no room for anything plus we’re suppose to have boosting parts that are of the same category and type to get the highest boost points.
EXAMPLE: EXP Leg needs more EXP Legs to get best boost.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and things will get better soon, or not then everything goes into “Unclaimed Boxes” like before, making it no fun to play anymore.

I need one of those 3 barrel guns from your right paw but in the EXP version, you know if they make one?
The one I have is Headhunter but it maxes out at EPIC.

I don’t know if there is an explosive version of my Right Weapon named “Big Daddy”. It is a Legendary/Myth one which I got when we had free boxes on conversion day.

I think I have only seen headhunters, too.