Any more updates?


I’ve seen you rolled out pretty much updates recently, but you stopped… So I just wonder will there be anymore updates? @Sarah247 @Mohadib


Not that I know about.
I hope that maybe they’re preparing us something good for Easter and that’s why it takes them longer :slight_smile:


There have been updates the majority of weeks but sometimes they just aren’t ready to be unleashed on the world :slight_smile: I expect we shall see more of them soon!


There will be more updates,like removing mix and silver boxes.also they will make us spend noney for tokens just to get common items(raffle) i’m serious:
Hope they add a portal,like maybe easter portal or item portal.any player-friendly update,hopefully…


I hope they add the ability to actually mine for tokens; exchange coal for tokens :joy:

More profitable for both sides than mining cryptocurrency


What about armory for earlier players.