Any manga recommendations?

I recently finished my manga list and i haven’t been able to find anything else to read, so i was wondering if any of you have a manga to recommend me.

I basically read anything that i think has a decent story. The only thing i despise are mangas that revolve around fan-service. Other then that I’m open to any suggestions :slight_smile:

Berserk4life :eyes: , idk maybe one punch dude or full metal alchemist

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I personally disliked Berserk because once I caught up, it came out once a month or sometimes, even longer. It wasn’t even worth picking up again after that.

Currently, I’m reading
-One Piece (just kept on going with the ages, lol!)
-Hajime No Ippo (Same as one piece… might not be worth starting now)
-One Punch
-Black Clover
-Fairy Tail (Done) - Faily Tail 100 Year Quest (continuation)
-Attack on Titan
-World Trigger (not bad, but slowly… very slowly progressing)
-The Seven Deadly Sins (meh)

Looking back on it, my list kinda sucks. I dunno if you’d want to seriously start any of them. Let me know what you’ve read and what you generally like. Maybe I can make a solid recommendation.

I read at btw. Lots of sites have come and gone over the years. This seems to be the most stable one for now.


I’ve already read One Punch man and was debating reading Attack on Titan, as i really enjoy the anime.

I’ve tried reading The seven Deadly Sins, but you took the words right out of my mouth

One Piece seems to long for me. the longest manga i read was bleach and that has around 650 chapters.

I like reading my mangas either on my phone or on my tablet. I use an apk thats called Tachiyomy. the apk works great and is totally free.

Anyways, thanks for the recommendations. I’ll surely check them out :slight_smile:

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If you’re okay with Manwha, I’ve really enjoyed Solo Leveling. I also read “The Gamer” and “The God of Highschool” but those 2 kinda sorta suck booty.

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Solo leveling was a godly piece of gold. Unfortunately I finished it in one day, so I’ll have to wait for the next chapters.

I’ve never heard the other two, but I might as well give them a try.

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Death note, or my hero acadamia

oh my heavens

before you read any of those long ones

You should read 3 days of Happiness

my absolute favourite manga

very unique


One Piece never ends, so it’s a manga for people who wants to have a cliffhanger when they actually die irl


The mangas i read so far are about romance…

No one else…

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Read demonslayer. Very good manga I like to read. Read onepunch man webcomic. or the newest chapters.

Read holyland best one of my favorite mangas