Any Legacy Mythicals worth saving for?

I’m planning to clear my 1.3k items right this week and I know that all of my items now are garbage. But just wondering before I clear my account, is there actually any mythicals or items worth saving for like the Pumpkin Head

save your bully if you have one.
Push if you have one.
1kg teleport
10 kg charge
and a few shields

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maybe some drones… and firewall, and dyno, maybe the legendary/myth shotguns if they are fully fused(use them as utility items +2 knockback).

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Dont forget if you save stuff that uses missiles or bullets you will need to save a couple mags too.

nope…they fixed that…they no longer use bullets/rockets.

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Really!?!?! omg now I wish i saved some of the 0 energy drones that used bullets. I finished off my legacy items on my last upgrade session ><
poop :frowning:

well i still have 350 legacy myths… and i was playing around with them… some have utility… but not much of an impact.
My problem now is… i dont have in what to place them… and i kinda clinged to them cause of the loving memories i have with them… legendary phisical shotgun… ahh the 200+dmg or 39 dmg … how wonderfull it was to use that…

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Im hoping they will be releasing more utility/ gimmick weapons with the next item update.

Aww that is sad El Metre I know how you feel, I too am a pack rat.

wanna know what they will realease next? Items that are more OP then the actual ones… to counterbalance them… and after that new even more OP, to balance the previous… and so on and so on… and guess how you gonna obtain them?.. money money money… until this update only becomes like the old one… a hunt for the latest item… a hunt for the build that wins… money money money.
It was the exact same thing when the old myths showed up… who had them… won…PAY TO WIN, for the win. :))

If they do it again and make everything I have worthless again, I will quit.

Let’s just watch kittens and puppies and be happy. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the beauty of it it wont come like this one… where it was bang! Now you are sheet… it will come as in the old version. Here new drone(+33 heat dmg, less dmg), it was jsut enough to make the same build that was using it(back then the swarmers were the meta), vs the one that was using the other drone(+23 heat dmg) lose to it… it was just sloghtly better, makeing it rule the other builds.
Then it was the +65 cooling module(whom i hunted at a cost of 18700 tokens, that i didn’t get, even tho i was buying the 600 token ultra pack, whom had presumembly 30% not in inventory), 124 boxes opened… not a single module…That is when i realized it for sure… the scam, the money pit, the truth. Took me 3800 dollars to see it… that’s when i decided the greed was to big.
And it is becoming bigger and bigger… you will see.

Yeah a lot of games do the carrot on a stick to make players keep paying. Soul Crash did the same thing here is earth armor that gave you +20 more life than the old one etc…

This is why i came here to play. All my time wasted lol.

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I am literaly laughing like hell… soul crash died… and all the team bailed ship… but … here is battle rats and cats and dogs and pigletts ranger for you…nothing to do with the old… lmao…really lmao.

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Yup and they didn’t even offer old players items to come to the new game lol. it started to go down hill about 10 months ago which is when i came here. Games man, games…

Heh battle rats hahaha!!!

and AFTER you would have invested 2000 $ again … tacticsoft : “we will release SuperMechs reloaded 2.0 - ALL your old stuff will be still very powerfull”

^^ ups … didnt we had that just a few weeks ago ?
(after many (!) spent thousends and thousends of $$$)


Yes very powerful for sure… can’t even knock 5% (!) off my HP.