Any K-Pop fans here?


They aint singers.


Oh myh gush BTS is a boy band


Is an equalizer.



It’s kinda like when country fans hear someone say “I like red solo cup!” from a non-country fan. It’s technically in the genre… but it’s more of a joke song that they don’t necessarily like being put up for an entire genre.

Actually, they all are VERY good singers. Many have to go through hell to become a kpop star. If you look up articles, until they make it big, they are basically treated like slaves. They just do dance and singing rehearsals for like, 14 hours a day and then are even watched on what they eat. They are censored like crazy as well. They basically give up their freedom to become famous. If they do hit it big though, things get more relaxed for them.

However, i digress. They can all sing well, but the Korean culture and fandom put their dancing and choreography as higher priority. So during most live concerts, they have recording in the background with select parts missing for the singers to do live themselves while dancing. But if you watch, they’re choreography’s are usually much more indepth than anything you’ll see in the states (not always though). But you try to sing really well while being completely out of breath because you’re dancing your @$$ off :joy: It’s hard to have that kind of control for a couple hours worth of a show. If it was just a 1 off song or maybe 2, they wouldn’t have too much trouble singing and dancing on their own.

Also, kpop is fairly expansive. It usually refer’s to the fancy dancing boy and girl bands. But there’s also more lowkey one’s that are more focused on singing as well. Like one of my favorite’s, bolbbalgan4


Looks like we’ve got a true K-Pop fan here :love_you_gesture:


Told ya MaliceWolf was a Kpop Fan


ok well then your tase is also big garbage malice!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!11!!!


Funny enough, I’ve never even considered myself “army” or anything. I enjoy the music though and learned about it as I continued listening to it :slight_smile:

I could care less :slight_smile: You go ahead and listen to whatever you wanna listen to buddy. Not like i’m forcing you to listen to kpop here.


That’s literally the same for me…

although I said ARMY up on my first post…because he said BTS


People be dissing Kpop just because it’s in the cringe culture

Y’all should listen to some non mainstream kpop songs like Tear



Please YouTube me a Tear song. Thanks.


I’m at da airport


Can’t for another 5 hours soz lol


Nooo… :sob:


Just search up Tear by BTS


Oh… I thought Tear is a band, not a song by BTS.






Am I alone in thinking the genre has no musical integrity


Excuse me?