Any improvements for this mech



desolation is good when drained, especially from valiant, and make sure to put that crimson rupture to use…


thank you i will start working on that


The most important thing: ALWAYS try to aim for items that have the mythical range… Upgrading a Golem is a huge waste of coins and fusion points… I would never afford that. So swap this Golem with ANY OTHER TORSO (perhaps apart from the Interceptor range of torsos - Intercept, Sith and NM). This way you are sure that all your effort is invested well. To build a decent physical you might use Avenger, Zarkares or Brutality. But other will fit as well…


-Get another torso;one that reaches mythical grade.
-The Back Breaker is pretty useless,you should aim for a second Annihilation or a Nightfall (for it goes well with a physical build,however it consumes energy unlike a secondary Annihilation)
-You don’t need dual night eagles…Just upgrade (transform) one and save some weight…
-If I see correctly,your right side weapon is Homage (a shotgun).Shotgund don’t work good on these builds for you need to get close to your opponent,not push them away.
-Most of your stuff consumes energy,so it would be a great idea to get some more.1 Energy Engine can help you more than you imagine.
-Don’t use a heat drone on a physical mech.Your weapons drain resistance and therefore make your physical gear deal more damage,that’s why you should get a phys. drone (like void for it also does resistance damage)
-In 98% of the cases,you won’t get to use that teleport.Get rid of it and same some (more) weight.
-Hooks and Charges are very useful for this type of mech!
-For your build (and tier) your max heat is okay,energy stats are very low and it could use some more cooling.Cooling is very important on a phys build.
-Do not build hybrids.Focus on a single type.

That right there is a heat build.Nonetheless a mass heater.
-Try not to use an energy torso for that build (for you’ll have to make up for the missing heat/cooling using more modules than you could afford using).
-Keep the phys legs for their extra hp.Only swap then when faced with a weight problem (that most probably won’t occur to you).Also,never skip leg day;upgrade them a little…
-Mass heaters do a lot of heat damage and less explosive damage.That said,you should focus on the Corrupt Light side and not on the ultrabright.You could go for heat weapons with more explosive damage and less heat damage since you have Desolation as a top.Just don’t combine them…
-Desolation works very well thanks to its no-energy cost and damage comparable to that of a physical’s.However,due to its weight I’d say to keep just one and use the extra weight for modules.
-Lava spray is a bad ass one.Hold onto it.
-Since your main sides use energy,get a little bit of that also.
-On a heat build…Cooling>Regeneration…not the other way around.This isn’t an energy build.You need a lot of max heat and cooling,for your weapons cost a lot of heat and you could end up overheating yourself way too often.
-For a drone,go for Clash (if you wanna do a heat dmg deal) or Nemo (for a mass heater).I’d say to go for that Nemo.
-You don’t need 6 weapons.Use less but better and/or with more uses instead.
'Hope I’ve been of some use here.Good luck!


@L4K3 unless I’m stupid and forgot all the legacy stuff, I actually sure thats a lava spray…


Just that 1 little mistake my friend…But you get the idea.Read the rest of it and forget that :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
*Unless that’s a legacy Lava Spray…Then it becomes pretty useless on higher ranks.But I assumed it’s the new Legendary-Mythical version.And yeah,that thing really is bad ass if you use it the right way/combines with the right stuff.


thank you all this has helped me a lot and it is a legacy lava spray


In this case hold onto it a little longer.When your mech gets to full legendary grade then it’s time to swap it for something else…Who knows,let’s hope you get the new Lava Spray,my dude!
Cheers :smile:


that would be amazing


Change your golem torso into avenger or windigo