Any improvements for this mech?


I’m pretty new, and this is my main mech for now. Any improvements/suggestions on what I should add/upgrade?


Change the legs…use legs that go to mythical (Iron Boots etc.), get more heat/energy, regeneration and cooling


try and get annihilation if you are going to have a physical mech


I won’t be getting mythicals anytime soon, so these legs will do fine for now. How will I get more heat/energy? Any module tips?


Okay, I’ll try to get an annihilation. Isn’t that like the minigun?


Yeah, the 1-2 range one ^^


Upgrade the Heat Engine
2018-01-23 (1)

and Upgrade the Energy Booster
2018-01-23 (2)
and take out the other energy booster so you can add an Iron plating for more HP


and also upgrade everything…all the modules, weapons, etc


here ya go…


Try to get Zarkares torso, it’s better than Avenger because it only has a little less hp and same energy and regen, but A LOT more heat and cooling. However, it does weigh 12 more kg.

Here’s what it looks like.




Isn’t that like ultra rare or something? I want it so bad but never got one :sob:


I have 2…one legendary maxed another just epic unupgraded and untouched and no it is not that rare


Not necessarily. I always calculate that I’ll have better builds if I use Avenger rather than Zarkares, Windigo, or Brutality, least with my weaponry, because Zarkares never fits, and Brutality and Windigo have less HP. I consider Zarkares its equal though, as it IS better for other physical builds.


Also here’s a quick little example of a phys mech with Zarkares and annihilation.

It’s a very free to play friendly mech as non of the items are legendary only. I have 1 energy engine equipped for protection against high damage energy mechs.

But if you do acquire rolling beasts I think this build is better because you are able to replace a plating with a resistance module.

Stat total build 1 (when everything is max mythed)

Hp: 2194

Heat capacity: 401

Cooling: 268

Enegy capacity: 282

Regeneration: 94

Build 2 only has a little less hp (2022) but + 16 in each resistance and +1 movement.


I can’t fit an iron plating for the regen module because it’s too heavy.


oh…well in that case add something else that would give you more heat or energy


Lose the legacy cooling module, get a new one, it weights less and cools more once you upgrade it.