Any Good strategies or builds Using HellFire Torso?



I usually built a physical with it. Make use of the bullets that come with it.


Sou Build like Ultra nova armor breaker saurus rifel ?


What ever you like… It’s your mech… You build what you like… Like I replied that torso is a physical built in for me.


Ok ty for type bcs i dont rly know what to build now :confused: Thx mate ^^


thats what I usually use my ha for


Awsome mech but i dont have Mass barrie and ultra nova :frowning: but ty for Build ^^


Its bad now vs pushers and energy mechs.


I tear most diamond pushers to shreds with it


im about top pushers with 650+ hp


Idk i find Pushers Brouken bcs you cant rly actuly counter that mech :confused: i use right now this mech Or this one


havent played in a few weeks guess its outdated then


Looks like an anti mech… too poor to build an all-rounder?


as far as i have seen few cares about shields. try energy shields 7 to 11(others are either too weak or too energy consuming) with 150 + energy and 120+ shields are better in my eyes, because regeneration doesn’t cost a move


Thx i will try it ^^


worked great in 3v3, if you want to make it more well rounded for 1v1 switch for a multi res mod or another armour mod


Do hellfire electric shotgun build work now; havent tried it in long time


hellfires simply will never be as good as god modes for energy mechs, even with the free bullets it simply isnt worth it unless you dont have a g mode torso