Any good builds for rank 1?


I use the mech below. I keep facing diamond shells and double lava sprays + axe. Any mech builds that can counter both? This one does not work. I’m trying to get to full rank rank 1 (all stars).


Hi Devastator!
Your mech has a couple of flaws. First of all, God Mode legs + Rocket Launchers = blind spot after you stomp twice. And any melee or lava user will abuse this blind spot, so your only option is to teleport away or move back, and that means one action point wasted for no damage. Another thing is, I always add a resistance module to God Mode torso, because -24 is way too much. Also, heat mechs do worst against Diamond Shell (I know what I say, I run 2xDS myself). Much better options against DS is physical or energy mech. Energy mech is also excellent against Lava Spray, since you need 7 energy to fire LS. To sum up, I would forget heat and switch to physical or energy.


Ok, how about this mech? I don’t have much energy/physical mech stuff. The only good physical mech I could make was just the physical version of my double rocket build.


You can try a control mech. It uses a Rear Hit Heat, Orb Cannon, Fire Wall and Lava Spray.



This mech? I used it before, it had a power level 11 lavascope (I later fused it into a yoshimo level 10 to get a yoshimo level 12, then yoshimo glitched out and disappeared). But, the devs gave me a three mythical box after they found out I lost a level 13 item. Should I fuse some items into the new lavascope?


Yep. But fusing a level 12 lava scope into a Level 10 Yoshimo was already a bad idea in the first place. Lava Scope is basically the best torso in the game rn. (for me)