Anubis needs a Mytical tier

Since I showed this to the forum , I keep getting said it’s myth food .
So why not give it a Mytical tier ? It would not only benefit newbies , but also make this underrated torso more competitive :slight_smile:
So what do you say ?

  • Yes , we need it .
  • No , keep it like that .
  • Not sure :confused:

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I been thinking that a lot. There should be a benefit to have a Legendary item over a Mythical.

Like the resistance for instance. Maybe it be 44, 44, 40
Or the cooling 200 and heat 340
Maybe the energy be 377 and regeneration 166

There should be something thing that a Legendary to dominate against a Myth.

You don’t see legendary items in the arena, that often. Those who have them are new players. Before the major up in 2017, there was use of almost every type of item, from common to mythical. Now, a mech build has to be 100% mythical.

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Well , a Mytical always has to be better than a Legendary , mostly because it’s a superior tier .
Other than that , please explain what you said ; I didn’t understand :confused:

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Yes, a mythical does have to be better, though a legendary item should have one thing better/equal to a Mythical.

Maybe resistance be better, heat, cooling, energy, regeneration, damage, or something else.

HP is basically the thing that Mythical items have over Legendary.

Why not Legendary items have something over Mythical items.

Like what ? I don’t think about anything other than weight .
Anubis is a few Kg lighter than most premium items , but that’s all I can notice .

Maybe it have Better energy and Regeneration.
There is no point in using a Legendary unless there is something over myth items


KRAKEN needs myth tier!!!

:thinking: wild thinking XD
Good idea ! Why did I not notice before !? :open_mouth:

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  • JamAnime’s idea - yes
  • JamAnime’s idea - no
  • Rafael’s idea - yes
  • Rafael’s idea - no

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We already have Sith that’s light and rarely more useful than myth food.Anubis is even lighter.Even if it’ll allow for more items on a mech,the stats still won’t be made up for.Same case for Sith.


nif nif this thread smells the “I made a mistake and instead of fixing it myself, I want everyone to be hurt by it” nif nif cough

It was made to be a non mythical torso.

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Zarkares would gone.

I´m still preferimg Ettin, Get Ettin a mythical tier it´s better than Zarkares ¿Fratcured Heat Armor? Pff, throw that sh1t, we need Ettin maxed.

Zarkares still hold the best end, even after the new torsos.

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Yes pleaz. My brother bought lightning slicer and I sucks because anbius and cyclone ft can’t go to mythical

Ronin still waits to be not a mythical food.
Another items that could be usefull but haven’t myth tier :
Power Bottoms
Chronium Crushers
Blazzing Legs
A torso that boss Sabertooth uses (i don’t remember its name)

Thanks for the suggestion :wink: ( I use a bunch of these ) .
By the way , Sabertooth torso is an Epic tier Chimera .

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Note for everyone: this thread is a (pretty successful, I must say) troll topic X)