Anti claw trolls

Continuing the discussion from Post Claw nerf and readapting:

Hi @yingyang, let me post my two anti claw builds I like to deploy versus 2 x claws:
Main Battlemech #1:

Most often I deploy it as the first mech, because of the higher resistance. It has more survivability over the second one, PROVIDED the enemy deploys TWO PHYSICAL MECHS. If he deploys an energy mech, I am screwed.
Main Battlemech #2:

It used to be the 2054 HP beast, that went well paired with one of my EMP mechs. But since I dropped EMPs, I needed more survivability against energy mechs. Thus I equipped Bulldog, but had to give up on HP. Still, it does good job, but I preferred 2054 HP much better. And there are plenty of occassions I see the battle is lost, while with 2054 HP I could have won…


Still cant beat me ayy lmao :ok_hand:

Sweet builds none the less

Like this claw for an example?

Don’t kill me

Wow, both your mechs have 1000/1000 kg. Nice tuning.

Nah bruv, like this claw c:

I should just make an Anti-Mordulec Claw physical lmfao

Dat claw was too old cus you got saraph since buffed.

No thanks.

This is serious stuff bruh, how do they perform? If ya need testing…

We still didnt test my anti phys :eyes:

The one that you want to call ‘‘Lmfao good luck phys mains’’

Lmao i wish i want to see that.

And I still need a claw plus i am finding one

I did a fight today against the sun god.

If you wanna check it :x

Was it against the claw?

wait no it wasnt against him.

It was agaisnt KILLIN SM (not the real one lmao)

He had claw

Lol i hope you did killed dat imposter.

The outcome of the match depends on the spawn positions. If we spawn in range 3+, I guess I win. If we spawn in range 1, it is your day… We might try it in the chat, if you want…


In ranges 1-3 I’m king. Only close range mass drainers seem to bother me.

That and dual vs at starting range. Maybe one day we’ll fight. Would be happy to test

I didn’t read that last part by mistake but I’d be happy to go. Lemme know when c:


20 5mins. Still 5mins

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Sure , im free atm.

Meet me in top ranks

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Shet is about to get real

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Lmao, my phys has more regen than your both energies…