Another new update , another dissapointment

Now tell me , why is big boy’s energy and heat caps are higher than it’s original state in 10.3 version ? , i used to beat big boy with no problem with it’s energy being only 300-360 ish , now it is im possible to bring it down with my energy mech without it’s drone and top weapon taking me down first.

Apart from BB being uber retarded. I kinda like this update, maybe they’ll freaking fix drop rates on shit.

I clicked to the arean option… ( the stuff where you can choose league/chat/clan/replays) and I got theis screen:

I didn’t even chose the battle search button.


That’s a new feature … to go on with the normal game play it will cost only …

  • 7 tokens for the first choose about what battle you want play
    (1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3)

  • 14 tokens for the 2nd choose

  • 21 tokens for the 3rd choose




This was a bug that has since been fixed.
If you are still experiencing it please send me a message.

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I think it was not just BigBoy who got upgraded.
Any mission increased explosively in difficulty.

Remember the cute Ramboy in insane mode?
Only 500+ hp and heat cap and regen just so much that a maxed out Corrupt Light with 93 heat damage and 24 heat cap reduction could send Ramboy into shutdown immediately with the first attack.

Now that doesn’t work anymore:

I`m really looking forward to how new players are supposed to beat Ramboy in insane mode now.

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well the ideea of insane dificulty is… to be actualy insane to beat.
I think that the rewards should be higher for such a chalanging dificulty.
Plus if you can autopilot BB on insane… well that makes BB insane lame.
Now if you wanna farm him, you gotta do it manualy.
I kinda of find it entertaining like this.

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The precondition for that however is that the rewards are better now - maybe something like they were originally.

So is there anyone who can confirm if the rewards’ quality has been increased, too?

Did HP ,heat and energy double on every mech in campaign? Awww…we ALL got nerfed for Christmas! Thanks Tactisoft!!!

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As others have said, I think the OP bosses are justified only if the rewards, which includes exp, coins and items, are significantly raised. As in double the amount and a guarantee epic item if you win (and potentially legendary?)

Well I haven’t personaly checked, but legendaries have started to apear around the forum, from BB drops.
I saw 2 players post 2 legendary finds on the fortune box, and another that poped one out of a mix box, so it seems like they got buffed a bit on the chances, not on the money and exp tho.
Will try and gather more data on the chances tho.

Reduce fuel

Nerf campaign drops to 0.1% legendaries

Make missions double harder

Thank you fer being so considerate to your players, Trashicsoft ,

And behold!
Christmas Eve is yet to come!

So with all those ‘nice’ preparation in advance just what ‘nice’ surprise can we expect to get then?

I’m just hoping for something special at christmas. Maybe a christmas event? Free boxes or even event items! Who knows what TS would bring us!

probaly nothing useful ._.

Dios escuche eso XD!