ANOTHER Nerf! Why?


I have been getting boxes like this all week, and it isn’t good
The same goes for mix boxes from the campaign. It is all commons. I do get the occasional epic, but very rarely. The name silver box is literal now, as the only color you get from it is the silver color of commons.
FIrst, there is new additions to the game causing great unbalance. Now, there is this.
Tactisoft, get your stuff together! Just when I though the drops rates would be ok again after the power kit incident, there is a new nerf just a month after. There is NO point in playing a game if you cant progress.

If it is a bug, then please fix it.
(And be more careful about bugs in the drop rates!)


Like I’ve stated in the other thread and two/three months ago.

These drops have been like this for so long, farming campaign is pointless. And buying boxes has become so pointless recently.

I’ve long stopped farming either.


First random box I bought…


Seems normal to me. Best thing I can say is that it fluctuates. :man_shrugging:


Damn. I am one unlucky guy…

I wonder if the tables thing purplehooter talked about in his drop rate theory, since it is still bad for me. Here is my random buy just now:


For farmers, this is pathetic.

I remember being able to get tons of blues and at times epics from these boxes.

Now you just get 70% greys with garbage blues/epics.

The nerf has been around for months now, I recall noticing the dip in items first in campaign just three months ago. Now within the last month/month and a half. Silvers dropped (actually ever since the 6500 gold boxes came).


Anyone trying out campaign mix boxes?

They seem to be worse, have not gotten an epic for days


Also, I would like to mention… I remember a time back in december that whenever I bought a silver box, I would get a rare every single time

To not get a rare was considered unlucky in my mind
I would like it at least close to that


campaign mix boxes are shit fortune boxes aswell a while ago they used to be mostly epic but now they are mostly fuking rare and then the epics are c-e items nothing useful


Totally agree. We really need to get this company to put some better drop rates for all box types.

It would help if they updated us every time they updated drop rates



Now this is what astounds me…
Why must I be so unlucky with every drop, while you get these awesome drops?

Could it be possible that drops vary between players? (purplehooters theory)


i have to say, not been playing long but I noticed this pretty darn fast. When i first started playing and had no idea what i was doing, for oh say a week or two the silver boxes were dropping loot like rain. I found multuple fortune boxes etc… then suddenly the drought came. and since then its been commons and rares all the way…

I made a random secondar acct cuz i was mad… and my entire mech and all 3 of my builds are All epic parts in some form or another, the drop rate for epics is tarded… and fortune boxes, again… but this secondary acct is less then a week old…

I wonder what it will look like next week.

Devs need to stop this its already heavily p2w so at least they can keep the random items semi fair.


Last box of the night… i think SM is up too something…


I’ve noticed that when there is extra gold events, the boxes get a nerf.

Typical TS, give with one hand and take with the other!


the boxes are normal to me


The boxes aren’t nerfed this time

Just some unlucky sods complaining once again


I normally buy 5-10 5x Silver box per day. And there is definitely something off since yesterday. It’s like 90% common poop!


Hmm… strange. My drops in the past few days have been abundant of rares


Seems alright to me.I think they do alter drop rates during sales and extra gold and all that, but as you can see, many people have decent drops.

campaign mix boxes are crap.Out of 13 items(say) from 5 mix boxes, at least 8 will be common.
Really bad for farming.
Arena boxes are better.
Epics are like not at all happening these days for me.