Another idea for clans

This past update was really great, but clans are still lacking and need a rework, including a better notification system. Another idea I think that would be good is that leaders could leave a broadcast, that would go to everyone in the clan. In the clan chat menu, there would be a button that you could click that would lead you to broadcasts, and then you would see the broadcast, what it said, and how long ago it was made. These would stay in place for 1 week. That way, even if everyone wasn’t online, you could easily notify a clan, without having to inform everyone individually. For a clan leader, to send a broadcast there would be an option somewhere in the clan interface.
For example, if you wanted to tell everyone in the clan that they should try to shoot for a certain amount of wins per day, everyone would see it eventually when they check the clan broadcasts.

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Basically a (priority) message that would be on the first page of the clan for everyone to see.
Or,some kind of universal inbox altogether that wouldn’t fade away like the rest of the messages until changed.
Cool,would have some uses.